Author Topic: Because ebony women are always horny, and that attitude rubs off on their audiences, both young and  (Read 90 times)


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Ebony big butts have lots of various names- fanny, rear end, buns, and booty. Fanny will be a expression that's even more mainstream and less sexual, therefore anyone can use it. Booty is used in a jokey method usually. Buns audio more attractive, and behind is normally seen as kinky. In Traditional western tradition, the size of a woman's booty, boobs, and waist dimension determines how desirable she is usually. White ladies are likely to prefer bigger boobs and a normal size bum, as lengthy as it's not really smooth. But ebony ladies are usually proud of their big, juicy butts and adore to show them off. It's something they use to their benefit, and porn fans all over the world realize this. Look at J Just. Lo - she may become a excellent dancer and singer, but it's her popular behind that put her in the spotlight. It's also rumored to end up being covered!