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We were interested in tapping a youthful Hydro Flask 16 OZ Hydro Flask Coffee UK Sale , interested online audience that was likely to get involved in blogging and expand our brand recognition, says James Rodriguez, Online Marketing Leader Hydro Flask 20 OZ Hydro Flask Coffee UK Sale , AnItDone Electronic Technologies. The dilemma we encountered was in creating compelling stories about AnItDone science that would resonate with an online audience.

Rodriguez along with his team became fervent on utilizing blogs after finding out more details on viral??s ROI efficiencies in comparison to mass advertising, together with the medium?s deftness at generating interactivity between a brand and the open public.

In the blogosphere, individuals are receptive with regards to articulating their thoughts on what they prefer and don??t prefer. We wanted that feedback. We didn??t want the videos to appear to be self-serving. The extensive range of people on weblogs was additionally attractive Hydro Flask 10 OZ Wine Tumbler UK Sale , as all of us thought we could reach both the design engineers and the consumer public.

Rodriguez wondered if they could acquire ad space on blogs in an effort to cause an online video series go viral while not turning off bloggers or their desired audience.

Rodriguez and his team investigated the blog landscape and made the decision to concentrate their campaign on a five-part video series called ‘AnItDone Stories.’

Here are the five steps they took to release the videos, advertise the effort on eight attentively chosen blogs and measure the campaign’s success:

Step #1. Figure out campaign goals

Since buying into blogs was uncharted territory for them, the group layed out four initial goals:

– Create basic public attention about their products
– Inspire bloggers and their audiences to lead discussions and inform others regarding what engaged them
– Combine insight and talking points so that the marketing team was prepared for anytime they might need to respond
– Measure results with specific numbers on video views Hydro Flask 24 OZ Standard Mouth UK Sale , links, blog comments and press reviews

Step #2. Create the video series

Next, they started to put together the sequence of two- to three-minute videos by using the most suitable archival film and combining it with new footage. They sifted through hours of tv spots from the 1950s and 60s before developing rough drafts and added new footage during post-production editing.

Step #3. Establish target keywords and buy ad space

To get the media coverage they wanted Hydro Flask 18 OZ Standard Mouth UK Sale , Rodriguez worked with Clicksor to launch the video series. He used Clicksor??s Contextual Advertising and Remarketing technology to obtain sufficient targeted visitors to visit their publisher partners?? sites. They utilized banner advertising and had to put a remarketing pixel code on their landing page to help recapture audiences that might not have been interested the first time to return.

Because advertising on these blogs was relatively new, Rodriguez urged the bloggers to remark on the final video cuts. The versions were approved without changes.

Rodriguez’s group also published the videos to YouTube, Google Video and We were really interested in seeing the reaction by the media and public with regards to a company like AnItDone showing up on these Web 2.0 spaces. We didn??t know what the first reaction would be.


All the pre-campaign work and ad purchasing paid off. In the first five days Hydro Flask 21 OZ Standard Mouth UK Sale , 70,316 viewers viewed via Clicksor content network.

They also acquired 1,423 views on YouTube. 412 people included remarks to those sites Hydro Flask Hydration Standard Mouth UK Sale , and AnItDone obtained critical praise in news outlets.

Elsa, the author of this article, is an accopmlished online marketing consultant. She is currently working and educating other companies on the different ways of how Remarketing can improve online marketing campaign results and increase lead retention for a site.

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