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TAIPEI, April 26 (Xinhua) -- The organizer of a water park party that turned deadly last year in Taiwan was sentenced to four years and ten months in prison on Tuesday.

In a first instance verdict, the Shilin District Court convicted Lu Chung-chi, head of a local firm that organized the Color Play Asia party at a water park in New Taipei City on June 27, of negligence that led to deaths and injuries.

Fifteen died and more than 400 people were injured after colored powder used for special effects at the party ignited and exploded.

Lu was in charge of the event's organization and knew the risk of blasting the colored cornstarch powder, but he failed to tell workers to stop ejecting the powder when he left the event stage at around 7 p.m.

According to the verdict, an inexperienced worker accidentally launched the powder onto the high-temperature surface of nearby light bulbs, triggering a fierce blaze and blasts as the powder ignited. The blaze engulfed partygoers.

The loss caused by Lu's negligence was "very severe and huge" and the defendant has not compensated the victims, it added.

Some victims and relatives of victims, who gathered outside the courthouse on Tuesday morning, said they cannot accept such a light sentence for Lu.

Prosecutors have not filed charges against eight park executives due to lack of evidence showing they should be held responsible for the tragedy.

But upon the request of the victims, the Taiwan high prosecutor's office has ordered the Shilin District prosecutor's office to relaunch an investigation into them.

BEIJING, Oct. 24 (Xinhua) -- Strict governance of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which will strengthen the ruling party's ability in State governance, will help China foster its comprehensive reform, maintain its economic growth and bring benefits to the world.

The 18th CPC Central Committee started its sixth plenary session Monday to discuss major issues regarding strict party governance and documents on intra-party supervision and political life within the party.

The theme of this year's session, together with comprehensive deepening of reform, comprehensive governance of the nation according to law and comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society that the previous three annual CPC meetings focused on, has formed the Central Authorities' Four Comprehensives strategy and opened a new era of governing the country.

For starters, strictly governing the party and severely punishing corrupt officials will offer an important guarantee for the CPC to govern the country.

Party ability, which is key to the political landscape of a country under the leadership of the party, can influence, to a great extent, the process of modernizing State governance in the country.

To govern the most populous country and the second largest economy in the world, the key to success therein lies in the ability of the party.

When the CPC is steering the colossal ship of "China", enhancement of the party ability needs to be in keeping with strengthening of the ability of State governance.

Within this context, strict party governance will enhance the CPC's ability of State governance, which will help create a healthy environment conducive to China's economic development.

The anti-corruption campaign will help urge CPC officials to focus more on improving the people's well-being and the ecological environment and develop governance ideas according to economic rules, besides preventing them from pursuing unlawful selfish interests.

Therefore, the Chinese economy, a major contributor to global economic growth, can obtain vigor from sound governance and maintain stable growth, getting the sluggish global economy back on the right track.

Moreover, strict party governance can help create a transparent and fair environment for foreign investment and build a favorable international image for China, which is playing an increasingly important role in world and regional affairs.

In conclusion, the CPC's resolve to strictly govern the party not only concerns the fate of the 95-year-old party, but is also related to development of the nation and even the rest of the world. Enditem

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